Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mystery of Evolution Unveiled

                  For the longest time now there has been a great divide between religion and science. There remains bitter debating and slandering on both sides of the spectrum over an abundance of issues; primarily the theory of evolution, which was originated by Charles Darwin. Science gave us the theory of evolution, which states that humans evolved from primeval apes.  Here, God is not really a factor; science is all there is. On the other side you have religion; and from this viewpoint the notion that human beings evolved from apes is quite unacceptable; and even insulting. Here, God is the creator and central point of everything. So who is right, and who is wrong? Could it be that they may both be right, or that they may both be wrong? What side are you on? Have you ever considered investigating this matter for yourself? I mean seriously investigating it, not just believing what others tell you or what you read. Well, whatever the case may be you will be quite shock to see that this issue is not nearly as complicated as people have made it, but it goes much deeper than what you have heard. The so called mysteries of our existence only remain mysteries because of our distorted education and therefore distorted way of thinking. It is also because of our crippling spiritual laziness that we have not been able to decipher this and many so-called mysteries of Creation. We ask a million questions but we are never willing to do what it truly takes to find answers. We want someone else to do it for us; as with so many things. Those of you who are enlightenment seekers, who are not so satisfied with the mundane and superficial, come so we can finally crack this mystery of evolution and therewith give you a stepping stone in your search for higher spiritual consciousness.  
            Science! Religion does not give science enough credit, but the scientist gives it too much credit. He tries to attribute everything to science as if science itself is God. Science is simply our endeavor to explain and make sense of ourselves and our world. Science itself is not at all a bad thing and it is very necessary for the earthly and spiritual development of human beings, because essentially, science is just investigation; and it is the obligation of all human beings to investigate their existence in order to find the way back to their origin as fully conscious human spirits, living and working in harmony with the laws of God. This is why at a certain time in life every person begins to ask such questions as, “what is the meaning of life?”, “why am I here?”, “who or what is God?”, “is there even a God?”, etc. It is not without reason that these questions naturally arise within us. The purpose of these questions is to exhort the human being to investigate his/her existence, and therewith gradually attain the knowledge of Creation and Its Creator.  Even this great field of discipline, science, started out simply by people asking questions and endeavoring to find the answers. The thing that repels so many people from science is not only their own ignorance, but also the disciples of science; many of whom have taken science in the wrong direction. They have turned it into something like an esoteric society by unnecessarily complicating everything! By now science should have uncovered much more than what it has so far; but it is greatly hindered not only by distorted human thinking, but also by its self-imposed inability to go beyond the material sphere of this great Creation.  
Now let’s move on to the topic at hand, Evolution! So, did humans really evolve from primeval apes? Well, to you scientists, the answer is not as simple as saying “yes”. To you religious adherents, it is not as simple as saying “no”.  Let’s see! Take your time and follow the explanations, do not try to rush through it lest you become lost. Before we go any further, it is imperative that the reader takes a purely objective approach to what I am about to explain. For proper understanding one must not view it through the lenses of the pre-existing religious interpretations and philosophies. In other words, forget what you have been told; just for a minute. I want you to use your own common sense and inner conviction (intuition) based on logicality, nothing else! So in response to this don’t tell me what the Bible or Quran says. I already know what the Bible, Quran, and other holy books say. My question is…..what do YOU say?
            Let us begin by taking a brief and broad survey of Creation; starting from the top and working our way to the bottom. Creation can be broken down in four basic parts. At the peak of Creation lies the Primordial Sphere, followed by the Spiritual Sphere, then the Animistic Sphere, and finally at the very bottom lies the Material Sphere, being the densest and heaviest. This is just a broad outline, for Creation is far comprehensive and cannot be grasped with the earthly conception of time and space. Each of the above mentioned spheres comprises ever more divisions. The higher the sphere the more perfect and closer to God it is; It is also more powerful and of a lighter (less heavy) consistency. From this you should already know that the Primordial Sphere with Its Inhabitants (The Primordial Beings) is more perfect, more powerful, less heavy, and closer to God than all the other spheres in Creation; for It is the highest point in Creation. The Spiritual Sphere, from which we human beings emanated, comes after the Primordial Sphere in respect to the qualities I just mentioned. The Spiritual Sphere is what we refer to as “Heaven”, “Paradise” or “Kingdom of God”. The Animistic Sphere, which lies below the Spiritual Sphere, is where the animal souls and elemental beings emanated from. Just as with the animals, there are innumerable kinds of elemental beings. Some of them have become characters of fantasies and fairy tales. The Material Sphere can be divided into two basic parts; the ethereal part and the gross material part. The ethereal part is of a lighter, less dense consistency; whereas the gross material part is courser and heavier. The earth and the universe are in the gross material part of the Material Sphere. There is no need to discuss the Divine Sphere because It lies above and outside of Creation. The Divine, which also comprises many divisions, is not a part of Creation. I often hear many people use the word “Divine” or speak of The Divine but they have no idea what they are talking about. The Divine is far removed from the human capacity to grasp. A human being can NEVER be Divine, even when it has reached the peak of its perfection. With this explanation you should already know that God does not reside within Creation. He remains above and outside of everything as the highest and purest Divinity. It is only His Power which permeates the entire Creation, not He Himself. Creation is the work of God, hence God is not a part of His Own work, He existed before Creation came into existence.  Now that we have this broad outline of Creation we can move on.  
Let’s go back to prehistoric times, before the arrival of humans on earth. Most of us already know that before the arrival of humans the earth was inhabited by innumerable kinds of animals. This is at least what we have discovered on the surface. If we go beyond the surface, a more complete picture is revealed. Before human beings descended to the earth, the earth was inhabited and dominated by the Animistic; both the animals and elemental beings. After the Material Sphere was formed, the elemental beings lived and worked in it; maintaining and furthering it. This was their field of activity, and still is today. They drive every happening in the Material Sphere. Whenever there are natural disasters or other natural happenings such as plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, etc, the elemental beings are the ones behind this. With natural happenings such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc, we only see the last remnants; involving the arrangement and manipulation of atoms, protons, and electrons. We do not see the happenings that preceded these because they start off in the Spiritual or Ethereal Sphere, which we cannot see with our physical eyes. There are elemental beings for every element. There are water beings, fire beings, air beings, forest beings, etc. The elemental beings were the ones who parted the sea at Moses’ command. This was no magic act on the part of Moses.  
The Material Sphere by itself is lifeless and immobile. It was animated and maintained by the Animistic.  By faithfully fulfilling this task they at the same time prepared the earth for the arrival of the human spirits. The time came when the elemental beings developed the Material Sphere as far as they possibly could, according to their ability to do so. They could not take the Material Sphere any further than this point because being from the Animistic Sphere, they lack the spiritual power which is necessary for the further development of the Material Sphere. With this came the danger of stagnation in the Material Sphere. Motion is a key law in Creation. In Creation everything is in constant motion and must remain so. Any creature or any part of Creation which cannot keep up with the movements of Creation will become stagnant, followed by retrogression, death and decay. This has already been seen with so many things; even entire races and nations.
After the elemental beings successfully developed the Material Sphere as far as they possibly could; in order to continue the development, and therewith avoid stagnation, and decay, the work of the elemental beings had to be spiritualized, thus keeping it in motion. This task was entrusted to human beings; for they emanate from the Spiritual Sphere, therefore having the ability to spiritualize the Material Sphere. Now the time had come for human beings to descend into the part of the Material Sphere that was prepared for them by the elementals beings in order for them to carryout their task. This part is the earth. Human beings had to descend to the earth at this definite point and time; not sooner or later, because the earth and also the gross material body which human beings needed to use had to be at a certain level of development before humans could descend into. At any other time this would have been impossible. Now pay close attention! In order to get to earth from the Spiritual Sphere the human being must pass through the other spheres in between. The human being cannot just disappear from the Spiritual Sphere and reappear on the earth. Just as if a person wants to travel from Texas to Louisiana, they must travel the distance between these two locations. They cannot under any circumstance close their eyes, make a wish, click the back of their heels, and suddenly appear in Louisiana. So it is the same for the human being coming from the Spiritual Sphere to the earth. Keep in mind that all these events or happening did not happen overnight. All that I am explaining here is something that happened over the course of millions of years.
Before I go any further we must briefly discuss what a human being really is. Just briefly for now but I will go further into this in another lecture. The actual human being, the core and essence of a human being is spirit. The human being in its purest form is spirit, not soul. I will discuss the difference between spirit and soul at a later date. When in the Spiritual Sphere which is the home of human beings, we are in our actual form, which is spirit. I know this may be hard for some to comprehend because you have never really been given the true conception of spirit and soul. In respect to human beings, do not think of spirit as energy or an energetic person; or as breath, or whatever other ill conception you have of it. We are human spirits, thus human spirit beings.
Now make sure you follow me carefully, this is where we unveiled the mystery. As the human spirit began its journey from the Spiritual Sphere making its way down to the earth; for every sphere that it passed through it was enveloped in a cloak or body of the same substance as the sphere concerned. This happened through a process similar to an earthly birth; and is a necessary process for the development of the human spirit. Finally the human spirit arrived in the Material Sphere; first in the ethereal part, and it was likewise enveloped in a cloak or body of ethereal substance. This ethereal cloak or body is the soul. At this point the spirit enveloped in this ethereal body can rightfully be called the human soul; since the soul is now the outer covering.  So now the human soul stood at the border of the ethereal part and the gross material part in the Material Sphere; ready for its arrival on earth. Before the human soul could enter the earth it needed a cloak or covering that is of the same substance as the earth; in other words, the human soul needed an earthly body. Without an earthly body the human soul cannot work nor have any influence on the earth. In other words, for the human spirit to carry out its task on earth it had to be firmly anchored on this earth in an earthly body. However, this could not be just any body; it had to be a body that had reached a certain level of development. At this time on earth, the most highly developed animal was the primeval ape. Hence the primeval ape provided an adequate body or vessel for the human soul to use. After an act of procreation (sexual intercourse) took place between the male and female ape, this time, instead of an animal soul incarnating into the body inside the expecting mother, a human soul entered this body. So when the ape mother delivered, she gave birth to what on the outside appeared to be an ape creature; but dwelling inside of this ape body was an actual human soul. This is why the first human beings looked more like apes than the humans of today.  
Now, let’s make sure we get something very clear! Human beings did not evolve from apes. The ape only provided a body for the human spirit to use on earth. It is quite accurate to say that the human body evolved from apes. You can also accurately say that the primeval ape is the ancestor of the human body. However, the actual human being, which is spirit, did not evolve from apes; hence the ape is not the ancestor human beings. The ape can only be credited for the human body, not the actual human being. So only where the physical body alone is concerned can you say that humans and other primates share a common ancestry. Human beings however, have their origin in the Spiritual Sphere of Creation. In accordance with God’s Laws the process of the human spirit being incarnated on earth through the ape can only happen one time. Hence the human spirit can no longer be incarnated on earth through apes or any other non-human creature. The human spirit has a dominating effect on the entire Material Sphere; hence they have a strong influence over all creatures in the Material Sphere. As a result of this dominating effect, when the human spirit entered the ape body it gradually lifted the body up and began to walk on two legs instead of walking on all fours. The spirit also has the ability to develop the ape body to a more perfect body, so as time progressed human beings looked less like the ape and more like what you see today.
So here you have it, the unveiled mystery of evolution, given to you in its simplicity. No more need for the bitter arguments and slandering. The question now is, “why have science and religion been unable to give you this explanation of evolution and the origin of humans?” Well, the reality is, there is a serious lack of knowledge on both sides. This and other so-called mysteries of our existence could have been so easily unveiled if humanity had not submerge itself in darkness, and thereby rendered itself incapable of perceiving knowledge from God or the higher realms in Creation. Resultantly, everything that was given to humanity for their upright development has been distorted and misused; thereby bringing forth the most atrocious and ill effects, as can be seen today. Science is not what it should be today because scientists limit their investigations only to the gross material part of Creation, thus they only investigate that which can be perceived with the physical earthly senses. Anything that lies beyond the earthly is also beyond their ability to grasp. Hence, scientists can only give you knowledge concerning things that happens in the gross material (earth, universe). However, many things that have happened on this earth have a starting point beyond this earth. For example, what science know as “energy” has its starting point in the Primordial Sphere of Creation, but the scientist only knows of energy through the various arrangements and manipulations of atoms, protons, and electrons which takes place in the gross material. Science is something that should lead people towards God because everything that science has discovered, including the laws of physics, atoms, energy, etc is the work of God. Now we see tragic contradictions such as scientists using science to prove that God does not exist. Religion, however, is no better for it contains just as many distortions; perhaps even more.
              The descending of human spirits to the earth was meant to serve a two-fold purpose: to work in harmony with the elemental beings; therewith spiritualizing and furthering the development of the entire Material Sphere. By successfully fulfilling this task the human being simultaneously gains the experiences necessary for the development of the spirit from its unconscious state; thereby becoming conscious by discovering the knowledge of Creation and Its Creator while wandering through the Material Sphere. If you analyze the experiences of your own life, you will see that things always happen which causes you to reflect and ask questions. It is not for nothing that this happens. It is meant to prompt you to seek; for only in seeking can one find. However, as it stands today, humanity, for the greater part still remains unconscious and has not really come to true recognition of its Creator. The majority of us believe in our hearts that God does indeed exist, but none of us have truly learned to recognize Him in His magnitude. Strive with all your heart to acquire the knowledge of this great Creation; for you will be held accountable, and ignorance is no excuse!    

* With all my writings I only offer you small parts of the knowledge of Creation. This will only strike those who still have an earnest longing for Truth; whose mind is not imprisoned by erroneous religious teachings and distorted human education. Though one may gain much clarity from my writings, it will also awaken many questions within; this is because I'm only giving parts of the whole. If you wish to acquire the entire knowledge of Creation, then you must read Abd-Ru-Shin's Grail Message. If you read Abd-Ru-Shin's Grail Message and discover His true identity, this will be the end of all confusion and distortion for you; and the beginning of spiritual ascent and real life, provided that you live according to the knowledge. Therefore, seek with all your heart, in all honesty and humility and help shall come to you. And the void within you shall gradually be filled. This is a matter of your entire existence!!!     

C-Born Nacirfa
Inspired by ABD-RU-SHIN

Artist: K-Rino
Album: The Blood Doctrine (2008)


David said...

Oh man, this is really good. I do have a curiosity for these things, I really do. I see it this way; We are here with others like us, we do not know how we got here, where we came from, what we are, or why is it that we are here. Nobody really knows how, what, why, when, who or anything for sure. There are many theories, many speculations. Its good to have an idea of our origin and our purpose, but sometimes we take too much importance in such things. We have focused and drove people to the extremes. We have tried to force others with different ideas to believe the same as us. We have killed, we have raped, we have wiped away with one another. And all because of curiosity. I believe in many theories. But I am really passionate and try to focus on how to live. I try to focus more on how to live with my brothers and sisters.
I like that you encourage others to seek the truth. And I feel that in order to advance and do away with some taboos we must open our minds up to other ideas, that we must by the least whenever asked about our origin answer "I dont know". But I do believe parts of each theories.
Cebee this is good man, it was LOOOONG!!!

C-Born Nacirfa said...

to take time and have the patience to read this blog says a lot about you David. keep seeking my friend, the answers to all our questions are right in-front of us.