Monday, October 4, 2010

The Destruction of Womanhood



 The destruction of Womanhood! Just the title alone ring bells of severity, and with overwhelming force the reality rests on top of humanity. Submerging it deeper into abysmal darkness and bringing forth the most atrocious manifestations. Now more than ever spiritual consciousness is extremely imperative because with the current state of things, the more time passes the more difficult it becomes to achieve, and at the same time the grip of the symbiotic darkness upon humanity becomes stronger. It’s a sad scene for some have already reached the point of no return as they bathe in vanity and frivolity with blind happiness. You can try to save them but your efforts will bear no fruit.
            Lucifer stands happy and proud with a feeling of triumph, as if a super hero standing on top of a mountain with his face in the sky and his cape blowing in the wind. He celebrates victory or at least what seems to be victory, for he has tricked humanity into worshiping him without them even realizing it.  This is quite evident to those with keen observation. It is true that we speak highly of our Creator and claim to be lovers and servants of His. But the reality is we only worship the Beloved Creator with our words, empty words to be exact. The truth is we worship Lucifer through our actions, for it is through our deeds that we adhere to his principles. Of course the popular saying is that action speaks louder then words, therefore the deeds always outweigh the words. Some, after having read this will hold their head high with pride, with the false conviction that this does not apply to them. But they are just as guilty if not more. Before I go any further, if the reader wish to get anything out of this lecture, then he/she must be patient when reading. If you try to rush through this you will not understand it. This message will only strike those who truly have a longing for higher recognition!
            The Destruction of Womanhood? What does this mean? Well the answer lies all around you. Just take some time to quietly observe the woman of this modern day. But for a greater understanding we must also know the rightful position and the task of woman in this Creation. By this I do not mean being a mother or a housewife. Woman’s rightful position is much higher. Think about the differences between man and woman. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Woman is more delicate, sensitive and soft. Naturally her thinking and actions corresponds with these qualities, whereas man is opposite. When confronted with these facts we don’t even give it a second thought, we quickly dismiss it under the notion that it is just the way things are. But why? Why is she more delicate, sensitive and soft? The answer to this reveals a great deal. The woman herself may be quite unaware of it. The reason is because woman’s highest task is that she is the mediator between God and humanity. In other words, she is the connecting link between God and humanity. Everything we receive from Him must come to us through her because she is the only one endowed with the ability to receive it. This is the reason for the woman’s almost supernatural intuition and ability of discernment. It is the power that lies within her and it will guide her and humanity provided that she maintains her womanhood in its true essence and naturalness. In other words, in God’s Will!
Now some may have the urge to ask, “why?” or “how is it that she is the mediator?” Well keep in mind woman is more delicate, sensitive and soft, and as a result she is more spiritually inclined than man because these qualities correspond with that of the spiritual. Spiritual substance is more delicate, sensitive and soft, and of a lighter (less dense) consistency. Therefore the woman stands closer to the spiritual due to her natural inherent qualities. In the case of receiving something from God or from the higher realms in Creation, it is always a spiritual happening and then later manifests in the material world (earth). So due to the natural law of attraction of homogeneous kind or energy, the woman, because of her nature is far better equipped to receive these spiritual radiations or energy. You can also say she is more influenced by the spiritual, or she stands closer to the spiritual world. It’s all the same. I hope I have not lost you.
Due to this simple fact the woman is endowed with more power than the man or you can say, in Creation she stands higher than the man, or she is more spiritually inclined than the man. For in the spiritual is where true power lies. In normal circumstances if you take a boy and a girl and track their development from childhood you will see that the girl develops and picks up on things much faster than the boy. We are all subject to the simple and natural laws of God. We not only live in it but we also use it daily and still have not come to recognition of its magnitude. It is so simple and natural that we quickly dismiss it without a second thought. But you see, true greatness lies only in simplicity. Take for example the creations of man, especially in machinery. The most powerful or essential part is always the most delicate and sensitive and easy to break.  
This special ability that lies within the woman also works both ways. In other words the woman, due to her very nature is more susceptible to spiritual energy, be it good or evil. That is why it is said that when a woman is evil she is worse than a man and when she is good she is better then a man. So if a woman chooses to be good and makes all effort to build up and strengthen herself in the light of righteousness, as is willed by her Creator, then she becomes a blessing to humanity, a gift! However if she chooses the contrary route, she can very well lead humanity to its destruction! This is all due to her nature and the qualities she possess. Her qualities correspond with that of the spiritual, and enables her to absorb spiritual energy like a sponge and dispense it all throughout her surroundings. From there it will reach even greater distances. This is quite an immense power that lies within the woman and with that there naturally is an immense responsibility! For this reason the woman has been admonished time after time to carry herself in the true essence and grace of womanhood. She has been admonished to cover herself and not use her body as an instrument of enticement. The man has also been warned to love, respect and honor women, and with him also lies great responsibility!
The destruction of womanhood! What exactly is meant by this? Now that we have an understanding (at least to some degree) of the woman’s nature, the qualities she possess, her position and task in Creation, we can go further into this matter for an even greater understanding. Analyzing this modern day it is not hard to recognize the fall of humanity but more severely, the fall of woman! Looking back at human history, our traditions and customs have not always treated women fairly nor have we given them the respect and honor that they deserve. The woman has always been disparaged and erroneously looked upon as the weaker sex. As a result women have been oppressed, and the saga continues still to this day. The human spirit by its nature is free. This freedom is so deeply rooted that it cannot be separated from the human spirit. Whenever faced with oppression we will naturally rebel and if necessary even risk our own lives. And so women rebelled against this oppression with which they have been plagued for centuries.
Sometime during her struggle to gain equality she took the wrong route. To prove that she was just as capable as man she began to imitate him, thinking and acting as he does. As time progressed this became more acceptable and prevalent. This was a great act of self deception on the part of the woman. By becoming more like the man in her thoughts and actions she began to gradually obtain the rights and equality for which she fought for so long. From an earthly viewpoint it appears progressive. But looking at it in the spiritual sense and according to the natural laws it is a dangerous retrogression that brought many evils in its train.
Man and woman are two distinct creatures with distinct but equally important roles that they must uphold in Creation. A man must be a man; he must not incline to womanly characteristics as a woman must be a woman and must not incline to manly characteristics.  This is a natural law put in place by The Creator and any breaching will result in dire consequences. If you analyze this modern society you will see that more and more women, in their thoughts and actions, are becoming like men. This is unsafe because by her doing so, she naturally cannot help but neglect her womanly qualities, since those qualities are opposite to the qualities of men. So by imitating man she lays aside her delicate, sensitive and soft qualities. And if she goes this route long enough she will loose these qualities altogether, because of another natural law that lies in Creation, which is the law of continuous motion. Those of you who are scientifically inclined should already know that everything in Creation is in constant motion and must remain in constant motion because where idleness sets in, death follows. If you don’t use the gifts and powers given to you, you will loose them. However if you use them the wrong way or for the wrong purpose they will bring you harm.  
Due to the fact that she is delicate, sensitive and soft, the woman has been made to believe that these qualities render her the weaker and inferior of the two sexes. That is not true! It is within these very qualities that her greatest strength rests. Such qualities are also an essential part of her womanhood. By her inclining towards manly characteristics she slowly rids herself of her womanly qualities, which is a severe hindrance to her natural spiritual abilities. Now her intuition and ability of discernment becomes dull. Many things that should be so simple and natural to her now become a complex obstacle. With this she also forms the soil for unethical and immoral activities, which according to the law of attraction of homogeneous kind or energy, compels her to absorb spiritual energy of the same kind. This spiritual energy will then flow from her to her environment, having an impact or influence on anyone who is in direct or indirect contact. The process is the same whether she absorbs and reciprocates good or evil spiritual energy. Only the results are different. Due to the fact that she inclines to manly characteristics, this brings evil in its train because it is a deviation from Divine Will, which according to the natural law compels her to absorb spiritual energy of the same kind, which in this case is evil spiritual energy. And by absorbing such energy she opens herself to the darkness! By opening herself to the darkness she naturally shuts herself off to the Light, since these forces are opposite. By this she falls short of her true task because she cannot receive spiritual energy from the Light or from the higher realms in Creation. If she is not completely shut off to the Light (which is the case with many today) she will faintly receive spiritual energy from the Light but it will become distorted in some fashion. Because with the current state of things, her spiritual perception is extremely dull, which will lead to many distortions in its earthly interpretations and manifestations. Such distortions can also lead to evil. I hope you are still with me!
If the woman strives towards the Light in honest effort she will receive spiritual energy from the Light which will strengthen her and bring many blessings to her and her surroundings. By this she will naturally shut herself off from receiving spiritual energy from the darkness. However, judging by the current state of things it is easy to see from which side she absorbs spiritual energy from mostly. We have reduced ourselves to a self-destructive breed and now live in a world that suffers from the destruction of womanhood. The woman is degraded in every way you can think of, not only by men but also by herself. Her vision is clouded with a false idea of beauty so she puts herself through all kinds of strains and hardships and wears provocative attire for the sake of appearing “beautiful”. I’ve heard many say that beauty is painful. But ask yourself, what kind of beauty requires such pain? The pain is an indication that something is wrong because what is truly beautiful will never be painful! It is truly disturbing to see how children follow in this trend. Teenage girls are in a rush to become grown but they have no idea what it means to be a woman. They imagine that having a grownup body, dressing provocative and involvement in sexual activity is what it means to be a woman, or as they put it these days, “diva”. I dread to think of the future. But we cannot blame our children because this is what society gives them. Our children have been robbed of the precious God-given childhood from which many of us can recollect the most joyous and freest moments of our lives. Now they are having sex and becoming mothers at the age of 12 and 13. Bearing children before they become woman. A sad shame!
It is imperative that the woman knows not only her task and position in Creation but also herself! Regardless of what we have been taught by human history and customs, the woman is the leading and deciding force of humanity, (this is why the serpent approached Eve and not Adam). The man is the maintaining and executing force of humanity. Two distinct but equally important roles as willed by God! She must be careful not to incline towards manly characteristics for her greatest strengths lie only in her womanhood. She must understand the great responsibility of her position as a woman. The woman of today has become especially hardened, which is detrimental to her spiritual development. There are many obstacles but the only real obstacle is self. There is nothing that cannot be conquered once you conquer self. The woman must become soft again. The man must truly know what treasures he has in a woman, for great responsibility lies with him as well. His duty is to maintain her, which if properly done, she will become a well of wealth from which he can endlessly draw all that he needs. He must be cognizant of the powers that lie within her, because within a woman lies heaven or hell. So you men, bring out the heaven in women and not the hell, and you women do the same because the destruction of womanhood means the destruction of humanity! As I stated earlier, anything coming from God to humanity must come through the woman, as we ourselves did. You cannot expect an evil or polluted woman to bear good fruits. We are all only worth as much as our faithfulness to God and that faithfulness must manifest through our thoughts and activities, not just words. God bless the woman!

C-Born Nacirfa. 
Inspired by ABD-RU-SHIN

Artist: K-Rino 
Album: The Blood Doctrine (2008)


David said...

Okay, I follow your thoughts. I understand them and I see what you are saying. I see this. I like your theory for the corruption of women.
This is evident in today and the message you are sharing is a very good one.

You made some interesting claims.
I have some questions for you.
What then do you think about Women who are much more inclined to being Men, and Men being more like Women. What do you think about these persons?

C-Born Nacirfa said...

I am working on another essay which will go into more detail about this.